Bairral Bairral, a unique model of mental well-being

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View our inpatient units

There are more than 1,000 hospital beds in 19 inpatient units specialized by disease profile.

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Training Center

Courses, lectures, internships, and even medical residency in psychiatry. All with the mission of sharing knowledge and training professional workers who work in the mental health area.

Medical Residency in Psychiatry

Take your training at the most renowned medical residency in psychiatry.

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Supervised Internships and Visits

Internship programs and supervised visits in specific areas of health.

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Courses, lectures and symposiums

Symposiums, lectures and short or long term courses in the most diverse specialties of mental health and psychiatry.

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Therapeutic Community

A unique model for treating drug addiction in a community where science and spirituality are together to achieve recovery.

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